Great FA Cup clash between Chelsea and United

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov reflects on differing fortunes for Spurs and Manchester United in the Champions League this week and looks ahead lớn the huge FA Cup clash between Chelsea and United… You can follow lớn the soccer tips for tomorrow page!

Criticism of Solsjkaer wide of the mark

Paris Saint-Germain are a great team and deserved to win on the night but I didn't think United were that bad and some of the comments about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 'being found out' were ridiculous.

He has got them into the top four - something no-one thought was possible this season - but they lose one under 2.5 soccer tip lớn a team full of superstars and people start talking sh*t again.

It's the way of the world these days but everyone who understands football knows what a good job Ole has done. The big difference on Tuesday was the first goal - even the best and most creative teams have lớn rely on set pieces sometimes - which gave PSG the confidence to play, and control the game.

The injuries lớn Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial obviously played a major role as United lost their pace and directness up front. It's often hard for subs lớn integrate themselves into these type of games quickly, and PSG made it as hard as possible for Alexis Sanchez and Juan Mata to settle.

United could do with a Veratti

Marco Veratti was very impressive in the centre of the park for PSG. What I like about him is that his first thought is always to go forwards, but if that's not on, he's happy just lớn keep the ball, controlling the tempo and almost putting the other team lớn sleep.

The Italian is an unbelievable talent; he reminds me of Xavi and Iniesta in many ways. He'd be great at United next lớn Nemanja Matic in midfield, allowing the Serbian lớn do the dirty work while he controlled the game. Can't see PSG selling though!

FA Cup clash is now massive - for both sides

Monday night's game at Stamford Bridge was always the tie of the round, but with United wanting lớn bounce back from the PSG defeat and Chelsea needing to make amends for successive away thrashings, it's now a big game for both sides.

I'm sure United will try and capitalise on any lack of confidence and nervousness in the Chelsea ranks following that 6-0 defeat at Man City, but you can be sure the home side will also be up for it in front of their own fans.

As with any game between big sides, it will probably come down to who makes the fewest mistakes on the night. I think both teams will go for the win, so it should be entertaining.

Maurizio Sarri is obviously under pressure given Chelsea's history of sacking managers but all he can do his start winning games, even if they have to be a few ugly 1-0s. Moving N'Golo Kanté to the centre of midfield is an obvious move - although I do think some of the criticism of Jorginho has been unfair; he seems to be getting the blame for everything!

He is a good player, as proved at Napoli, it's just that sometimes the Premier League can be too much for some players. Having Kanté next lớn him would probably be a big help.


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