Dimitar Berbatov thinks Manchester United should not be subjective

Dimitar Berbatov thinks Manchester United should avoid checking the table if they want to bounce back and that Tottenham need confidence at Anfield…

United's standards have slipped

to be happy and smile that Manchester United have drawn and won a game, feels a bit wrong. The United standard is lớn win football tips and now we are celebrating and trying lớn make one draw and a win as a big positive. They are a long way from going the way that everybody wants them to go, winning games and getting the three points consistently.

There were lots of positives to take from the draw against Liverpool, you could tell they were really up for it, you can see it in the way they pressed. Unfortunately, it finished in a draw with that goal at the end of the game. Overall, it was a good game for United and it was a shift in gears in terms of intensity.

Their win in the Europa League was a sign of how you need to do things; one goal, three points. Thank you very much.

Even if they didn't show the type of jackpot soccer tip that everyone was expecting, the one goal was enough and it was an important game against a difficult opposition in a difficult stadium. They got the job done, you are going to have games like that purely because the opposition doesn't allow you lớn play. The atmosphere in the stadium makes things tricky, so when you have a chance to score you do it and that's enough for you for the three points.

Partizan gave them a game and they made it difficult. When you have a lot of games in the space of a week you need to know how lớn save your strength as well and a couple of the young boys made a really strong impression which makes it even more precious for them lớn be part of a winning game and it's a great experience.

United players should avoid checking the table

We all know where Manchester United are in the table at the moment, and let me tell you, nobody wants to see them there. It makes me feel like s***. I don't think anybody connected with the club will want to check the table at the moment, when you see a team with the calibre of United, one of the biggest clubs in the world, and you see where they are in the table, it is crazy to think how times have changed.

The players will know what position they are but I don't advise them to look at it because it isn't going lớn make them feel any better. On the other hand, you could say 'come on boys, look at where we are - do we deserve to be here?' Maybe with some of the performances they have produced they deserve to be there and especially if they continue like that. But if they play the way they did like against Liverpool, with aggression and getting in the oppositions' faces, then things will improve.

I've said it before, but it's not too late to turn things around. Okay, don't be looking at first but fourth isn't far off and there is time lớn get there. They must continue picking up the points, starting with three this weekend against Norwich.

Wrap Martial in cotton wool

It was great lớn see my mate Anthony Martial get on the score sheet on Thursday night. When you have been out for so long, things are tough. When you are injured you watch your mates train and you are with the physios, you see them putting their boots on, heading out on lớn the pitch and this can make you depressed.

You get all these feelings that rush to your head, you want lớn get back as soon as possible and this can lead to mistakes. Yu could go out there when you're not quite ready and you could get injured again. So, it's really important to time right the moment you come back.

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