SEASON interview

Earlier this year I was approached by SEASON to answer questions relating lớn women and football betting. I was certainly happy to oblige! You can prefer to the website free soccer tips pages!

SEASON Magazine

If you’ve never heard of the magazine before, this is from their website;

SEASON is an independent platform that champions female fashion and football fans first. Launched in London in 2016, it’s a cross between a football zine and a fashion magazine that spans biannual print issues, events, online content and merchandise. Our aim is to creatively showcase and empower women in modern soccer tip today culture by giving them an honest voice and sharing their stories, opinions and style. We want lớn explore the evolving interplay between fashion and football, dispel stereotypes, emphasise diversity, highlight issues that need to change and collaborate with exciting talent.

Women and Football Betting is important

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We’ve long tried lớn stand out from the crowd when it comes lớn being an inclusive community. We flat out refuse lớn work with advertisers who use sexist imagery and language lớn promote their products and we try to be as welcoming as possible lớn all humans that want to use our site!

We are one of the few football betting websites lớn have a code of conduct, and we’ve refunded and banned people before who have been toxic to the community. We’re also one of the few who has sought out under-represented voices for our own interviews, like our interview with Becca Stenson.

What caught the eye of SEASON was when we asked the question why aren’t there more female football bettors.

Our SEASON Interview

Sorry, I’m starting to ramble, but honestly I’m proud of our stance and what we are trying to be better than the other football tipster services out there when it comes lớn inclusivity.

Without further ado, here is the article, which includes quotes from us and some women in the industry.

The writing is quite small in these scans but you can nhấn into each image lớn view the text a bit better.


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